The Game

Bipolife is a serious game produced by Ubisoft and developped by Area Effect.

It is a teaching tool that aims to help people living with bipolar disorder, by helping them better understand the symptoms of their illness. It is intended for people affected by bipolar disorder, along with their friends and family.

During the Bipolife experience, you will share the daily life of someone living with bipolar disorder. Gradually you will teach your avatar to stabilize their mood and to stay calm over the long term through appropriate decision-making.

Please note that this program cannot replace long-term health care treatment and accompaniment by a psychiatrist.

No Longer Available

Bipolife was hosted & published by Ubisoft and is no longer available.

Press Reviews

"(French) Bipolife, un 'jeu' psycho-éducatif pour tenter de repérer les situations qui favorisent des escalades émotionnelles." - Avantages

"(French) Le site Bipolife s'inscrit dans la psycho-éducation, une strategie payante dans les troubles bipolaires." - Le Généraliste

"(French) Les jeux vidéo peuvent nous rendre addicts mais ils peuvent aussi nous soigner." - Pourquoi Docteur

"(French) Bipolife, premier outil intéractif spécifiquement dédié aux troubles bipolaires." - Revue du Praticien

"(French) Cet outil interactif lui permettra de reconnaître les facteurs bénéfiques ou délétères de sa maladie." - Top Santé

"(French) 'Bipolife', un jeu vidéo pour aider les personnes bipolaires" -


Contact Us

If you have comments, feedbacks, or anything you would like to share with us about Bipolife, do not hesitate to contact us directly by email.

If you want to keep in touch with us to know about game updates and our future work, the easiest way is to like our facebook page, or add us on Twitter. Thank you for playing, and we hope you enjoyed the game.