The Histopad Development Kit

Histovery started collaborating with Area Effect back in 2015 to improve and expand their Histopad products. The Histopad is a new way of immersing visitors into their surroundings which is interactive, educational and fun, but is also at the cutting edge of technology. At Chambord it is designed to make the days of the Renaissance come alive again for the general public as they explore and learn about the château. We worked with Histovery to improve their software and lead their team of engineers to create an Histopad factory built on top of their successful Chambord product.

We developped the "Histopad Development Kit" allowing the creation of standard high quality Histopad products in a short development span. This allowed the creation of new Histopad products at:

Culture & Technology

At Area Effect we are very excited to be able to bring our video games experience and knowledge into some of the most famous and prestigious French cultural sites. As mobiles and tablets become widely used we believe it only makes sense to bring new technologies into castles and museums increasing the accessibility and enjoyment of many visitors.

Press Reviews

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